German Islamist Eric Breininger is Dead According to a notification of a splinter group of the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) German Islamist Eric Breininger is dead on Friday to the 22-year-old sought on arrest warrants in fighting with Pakistani soldiers have been killed in the Hindu Kush. The years on arrest warrants sought and from numerous terrorist video messages known German Islamist Eric Breininger is supposedly dead, the 22-year-old died in an Internet communication of a splinter group of the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) on Friday at the in fighting with Pakistani soldiers Hindu Kush . The German security authorities consider the publication as a spokesman for federal prosecutors and Federal on Monday at the request of dapD said. For substantive accuracy of the information you could still make any statements that emphasized both. Also to be killed in the battle after the night of Monday, published statement of Ahmet M. Turk born in Germany, as "reported online world" and "Spiegel online". "The representatives of the Taifa al-Mansura congratulate Germany on 30 4th German-fallen martyrs, "it says loudly" online world "in the letter of the terrorist group. "After the heutmorgigen Nachrichtenstand we have learned that have fallen from Germany at the head of Jihad participating Elif-Medya, at his side and Turkish Selehuddin Abdul Ghafar al-Almani." The 22-year-old Breininger from Neunkirchen in Saarland is said to have called in the Afghan-Pakistani border area, "Abdul Ghafar, the German". Behind the name shall the Turkish Selehuddin 32 years old Ahmet M. conceal from Salzgitter. According to the Taifa al-Mansura, according to Germany Eric Breininger and Ahmet M. were in a car in the nordwestpakistanischen provinces of North and South Waziristan have been on the road, as they had been attacked by Pakistani soldiers. According to "Spiegel Online" is the battle near the town of Mir Ali have taken place.